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TENDER NOTICE – 2024-2025

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Nairobi Waldorf School Trust invites eligible and interested bidders to apply for tenders for the supply of goods, services, and works for the 2024-2025 financial years. Bidders are informed that goods will be procured ‘AS AND WHEN REQUIRED’ for the two years beginning 1st January 2024 to 31st December 2025.


1 NWS/1/2024/25 2,500.00 Supply and Delivery of First Aid Materials
2 NWS/2/2024/25 2,500.00 Supply and delivery of General stationery and office supplies
3 NWS/3/2024/25 2,500.00 Supply and delivery of A3 Manila Painting papers
4 NWS/4/2024/25 3,500.00 Water Bowser
5 NWS/5/2024/25 2,500.00 Supply and delivery of Dairy Products
6 NWS/6/2024/25 3,500.00 Supply and delivery of Fish, Chicken, and Beef
7 NWS/7/2024/25 3,500.00 Supply and delivery of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Green Groceries
9 NWS/9/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of Staff Uniforms
10 NWS/10/2024/25 2,500.00 Supply and delivery of Toiletries, Sanitizers, and cleaning materials
11 NWS/11/2024/25 3,500.00 Supply and delivery of building materials, hardware tools, paints, and fittings.
12 NWS/12/2024/25 2,500.00 Provision of Insurance services
13 NWS/14/2024/25 2,000.00 Handwork Materials
14 NWS/15/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of musical instruments
15 NWS/16/2024/25 2,000.00 Motor vehicle spare parts
16 NWS/17/2024/25 2,500.00 Motor vehicle repairs and servicing
17 NWS/18/2024/25 2,000.00 Provision of plumbing works services
18 NWS/19/2024/25 2,000.00 Welding works
19 NWS/20/2024/25 2,000.00 Electrician-electrical fittings and lighting materials
20 NWS/21/2024/25 2,500.00 Printer toners, ink, and general services
21 NWS/22/2024/25 3,500.00 Fuel -petrol, diesel lubricants, and cooking gas refill
22 NWS/23/2024/25 2,000.00 Building repairs and maintenance
23 NWS/24/2024/25 3,500.00 Supply and delivery of artwork materials
24 NWS/26/2024/25 2,500.00 Sports equipment
25 NWS/27/2024/25 2,000.00 Garbage collection and disposal
26 NWS/28/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of kitchen utensils and cutlery
27 NWS/29/2024/25 3,500.00 Supply and delivery of dry foodstuff
28 NWS/30/2024/25 3,500.00 Supply and delivery of purified, bottled drinking water
29 NWS/34/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of student chairs and lockers
30 NWS/35/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of fresh juice
31 NWS/36/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of eggs
32 NWS/39/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply, delivery, installation, and service of network equipment and structured cabling (routers and network monitoring)s
33 NWS/40/2024/25 2,000.00 Provision of signage and outdoor advertising services
34 NWS/46/2024/25 2,500.00 Supply and delivery of textbooks and periodicals
36 NWS/48/2024/25 2,500.00 Provision of fumigation, pest control, and sanitary services
37 NWS/49/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply and delivery of game skits (shorts and NWST branded t-shirts)
38 NWS/50/2024/25 2,000.00 Supply of NWST branded hoody.

The tender document should be accompanied by the following: –

  • – Copy of certificate of incorporation/registration
  • – Contacts of at least two major clients who may be contacted for further information on these contracts.
  • – Copy of valid tax compliance certificate

Tender documents with detailed specifications may be obtained from the school finance office, Karen Campus, along Nandi Road, Gate 35, from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on weekdays upon payment of a non-refundable fee for each category.

The payment should be deposited directly into the school account. Confirmation of payment will be required on the collection of tender documents. The account details are as follows;


Account Name: Nairobi Waldorf School Trust
Bank: NCBA Bank, Karen Branch
Account Number: 2837300067



Business Number: 488700
Account Number: WST Narration (e.g., WST Tender ABC Ltd) N/B The word WST is a must.

Completed tender documents enclosed in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked with the appropriate tender number should be addressed to;
The Tender Committee,
Nairobi Waldorf School Trust,
P.O. Box 13732-00800, Nairobi.
Telephone No 0722 823 463, 0718 861 560

And should reach the Karen Campus finance office on or before 24th November 2023 at noon. The tenders will be opened on Wednesday, 29th November 2023, at 2.00 p.m. Prices quoted should include all taxes and remain valid for 90 days from the closing date.

The school reserves the right to reject any tender, whether in part or whole, without giving any reason for such action.

Qualified and interested applicants may obtain further information and inspect the pre-qualification document during office hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Late applications will be rejected.