1998 - Start of Nairobi Waldorf School

In a small house along the Magadi Road on the outskirts of Nairobi. It was led by 3 teachers from Germany (Florian, Vojko and Irmgard).

1999 - Start of Primary School

The following year the school moved to Mbagathi extending the kindergarten to a 1st Grade primary class. The Mbagathi Steiner school continues to run successfully; now a fully fledged kindergarten and primary school known as the Rudolf Steiner School, Mbagathi, transitioning their children successfully into Kenyan Curriculum Secondary schools.

1994 - Addition of Lavington Campus

In 1994 a new Waldorf Kindergarten opened its doors in a beautiful residential suburb - the Kileleshwa Kindergarten. This was initiated by a group of parents who had been impressed by the Mbagathi kindergarten but needed something in a more central area.

2000 - The Nairobi Waldorf School

The Nairobi Waldorf Primary school opened its doors to a grand total of 4 children, who were taught by Hanne Origen - a dedicated and enthusiastic Waldorf teacher! This small group soon grew and, in January 2001, another teacher, Susan Kung'u, joined the combined age-group of children to help with subject teaching and extra activities. Susan was also in the recently established local Waldorf teacher training programme.


Our school is proud to welcome 310 children on two campuses: Lavington and Karen. In Miotoni School, Karen - now 12 years old - has a total of 71 children in the Primary school and 63 children in the Kindergarten. A staff of 17, consisting of main lesson teachers and subject teachers, includes a small 'extra lesson" department to strengthen and guide those children who need some extra help. There are 82 children enrolled in the Kileleshwa Kindergarten with 15 teaching staff.

Karen Campus
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Lavington Campus
  • Mageta Road
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Nairobi Waldorf School