Vision:Independent and talented human beings with a lifelong passion for learning and a strong sense of community
Mission:To become an inspirational school in Kenya by nurturing, through Waldorf education, well-rounded individuals who are capable of critical, creative and flexible thinking


Discover a holistic education. Discover Nairobi Waldorf School.

Honoring Spirit, Respecting Individuality, Building a Diverse and Heartfelt Community

Nairobi Waldorf School nourishes the intellectual, physical movement, and artistic development of the child; cultivating each child’s unique contribution for the future through the unfolding of courage, compassion and truth.

Nairobi Waldorf School is dedicated to providing education inspired by the Waldorf philosophy for the children. Most of our faculty have completed a recognized Waldorf teacher education program and are committed to teaching in ways that foster truth, beauty and goodness. This foundation maximizes the potential for learning, loving and creating to unfold naturally in children while helping to remove obstacles in their paths. Academics, art, music and movement are interwoven to meet the developmental needs of the whole child.

At Nairobi Waldorf, we are preparing children to be conceptual thinkers whose self-understanding, compassion, expressiveness and creative problem-solving skills equip them to take on life to its fullest potential while providing an antidote to violence, alienation and cynicism. There has never been a better time to contribute to the peace of our world.


Every one of us relates to education in a unique way, but all of us have seen or will see the impact of education in their life, as a child, as a parent and as a citizen interacting with other people whose personality and behaviour have been shaped by a certain education system.

Most of us can remember education as mainly developing the ability of our brain, in such a way that we learn to develop one form of intelligence only whereas the human being has the extraordinary power of developing multiple intelligences. If education is about bringing forth what is within, then it should do more than just focusing on our mind, but also empower our heart and our hands. Educating the Head, the Heart and the Hands is what Waldorf Education is all about.

Why Choose Us


Unique Teacher Approach

Waldorf utilizes a unique class teacher approach, the class teacher stays with their class from grade 1 and throughout their primary school years. The teacher assumes a parental role forming a social group with the children and parent body that helps to support learning. The teacher also helps to establish routines that become second nature to the children.


Tailored for Each Developmental Age

The curriculum is designed to meet each stage of a student’s development from early childhood, through adolescence, into young adulthood.


Experiential Learning

The Main Lesson approach is unique to Waldorf Schools. The morning main lesson is a one and a half to two-hour period in which the main academic work of the day is presented. The selected subject is taught in a comprehensive three or four week block, allowing for freshness, enthusiasm and a concentrated, in-depth experience that gives children time to digest what has been learned.


Cognitive and Artistic Disciplines

Waldorf education was the first to recognize the value of “block” learning. Immersion in a single subject promotes horizontal integration of cognitive and artistic disciplines, as well as vertical integration through an ascending spiral of learning that revisits subjects throughout the year – and from year to year. This results in a profound, age-appropriate education